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Thank you for your interest in DQ Surgery Bar! We welcome your one of a kind Beautiez Bar Tip for our beautiful “Dollz & Queenz” alike.

All applicants must be of 21 years and older.
All applicants must all agree with the terms and conditions listed on this site.
All applicants should complete and submit the following requested items.

The Beauteez Bar was created with you in mind….my beautiful “Dollz & Queenz”.
Submit an original authentic beauty tip to be announced on the show and receive a Dollz & Queenz authentic tee shirt.

Tips should be clear, and precise without mentioning any brand and trademark names. Substitute and use words such as brightening scrub, facial astringent, facial cleanser, etc. TIPS should be short and to the point.

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Thank You For Your Beauteez Bar Tip Submission…”See You In The Lab!”

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"Beyond Just Skin Deep"

At DQ Surgery Bar, we understand that beauty goes deeper than just the skin. We understand how you look impacts how you feel inside, the energy that you project, and the progress of life's daily activities...we always want you to look and feel your best. That is why we have introduced our innovative platform that enables you to talk aesthetics.