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At DQ Surgery Bar, we understand that beauty goes deeper than just the skin. We understand how you look impacts how you feel inside, the energy that you project, and the progress of life's daily activities...we always want you to look and feel your best. That is why we have introduced our innovative platform that enables you to talk aesthetics.

"Customer Reviews"

Marlie D.
Marlie D.Dollz & Queenz is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL
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“Dollz & Queenz is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! There are so many shows on plastic surgery out there but none that allows you to freely express your opinions and views about plastic surgery. This show has been a liberating experience for me and I can’t wait to check out the next episode.”
Micki S.
Micki S.Dollz & Queenz gave me a lot of insight
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“I have always felt that my nose was slightly disproportionately large for my face. I have always wanted to have rhinoplasty but never had the courage to do so because of the botched horror stories I have heard from friends. Turning to Dollz & Queenz gave me a lot of insight into the world of nose surgery, its positives and negatives, and who should try it. More importantly, it made me realize that the procedure is very safe if done by a reputable surgeon. Even after just a couple of episodes, I have a much better perception of plastic surgery and I am no longer afraid of taking the next step and getting my nose reshaped."
Jennifer D.
Jennifer D.Dollz and Queenz was a pleasantly surprised
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“I have tried so many bodyshapers in my life but aside from pinchin you in all the wrong places, they haven’t been that great in improving my body posture and appearance. I decided to give Dollz and Queenz a try and was pleasantly surprised when I got the goods. It fits like a glove on my body and gives it a very natural hourglass shape that I have always dreamed of. Highly recommended!
Evangeline T.
Evangeline T.Highly Recommended
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“After having my three children, my abdomen was littered with stretch marks. Even though I am proud of the body that I have, I did lose a little confidence when it came to wearing bathing suits. I have always wanted to get permanent makeup done on the worst of the stretchmarks but I didn’t know where to get the best knowledge from and where to get the procedure done. DQ Surgery Bar Talk Show allowed me to find out all about permanent makeup, how safe and non-invasive it is, and where to find the best artists to get it done. Now, I couldn’t be happier with my scar-free body. Thank you, DQ!”